Improve newsletter open rates with better subject lines

Posted by Nika on 5/23/18 11:41 AM

You can think of a subject line as the first impression of your email. When people are scanning their inboxes, they're deciding whether or not to open an email based on the sender and the subject line.

Although writing a subject line seems easy, it's actually both an art and a science. Try these strategies to improve your subject lines and your email open rates, and remember that it's an ongoing process of experimentation.

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Website Navigation Menus: More Important Than You Might Think

Posted by Nika on 5/21/18 3:53 PM

Website navigation menus don't sound very interesting or compelling. But many galleries lose out on SEO, potential clients and sales because of outdated, ineffective website menus.

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Increase Traffic to Your Gallery Website with Helpful Written Content

Posted by Nika on 5/10/18 9:36 AM

Art gallery websites all have one thing in common: lots of beautiful images of artwork. But to increase traffic to your site, you'll want to include helpful and interesting written content. Here's why - and how - to get started.

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Mobile-First Indexing: What it Means for Your Gallery Website

Posted by Nika on 5/9/18 6:09 AM

Almost every art gallery wants their website to rank higher in search results, but many are not paying attention to one of the most impactful changes to Google's ranking system: mobile-first indexing.

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Website Homepages: Common Mistakes Galleries Make

Posted by Nika on 4/30/18 9:15 AM

When galleries think about their homepages, they usually think about making a great first impression. Even so, many gallery websites include one or more of these common mistakes.

The end result? A poor experience for their website visitors, higher bounce rates, and lower conversion rates.

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Improve Your Art Website’s SEO

Posted by Alex on 4/12/18 10:36 AM

We hear this from galleries and artists all the time: "I want better SEO" or "I've paid a lot for my SEO and I don't want to lose it."

What’s odd is that when we ask what ‘good SEO’ means to them, we don’t often get a straight answer. The truth is that presence on a search engine can be hard to define.

Below are some tips to help your art website perform optimally, so that you can establish and maintain a strong presence on search engines.

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3 Ways Galleries Can Help Grow Their Artists’ Careers

Posted by Nika on 4/12/18 10:34 AM

Investing in your artists’ careers is good for them and good for your gallery.

By empowering your artists to market themselves, grow their networks, and take ownership over their own art business, galleries can drive loyalty and set the stage for long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with their artists. Many galleries even promote such services when recruiting new artists as a way to attract top talent.

Here are just a few ways galleries are growing their artists’ careers.

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