Save Time with Email Templates

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Take a second to think about how many emails and inquiries come into your gallery on a daily basis. Now, think how amazing it would be if you could cut the time it takes to send email response in half.

The good news: it's possible with email templates!

What are Email Templates?

Email templates are form email responses that you can create once, and use again and again.

The minutes you'll save sending email add up. Instead of constantly playing catch-up, you’ll be open to pursue more proactive sales activities.

The best part about templates is that you can take your time creating a well-written email that comes across as clear and thoughtful to your clients... rather than a quick message you wrote on the fly. Your interactions will feel more professional because they weren’t written in a dash and yet, it will only take you seconds to personalize and hit send!

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Best Practices for Email Templates

When crafting email templates, keep responses clear, but not too specific - when using templates, you’re going to be sending the same response to every inquiry.

Once you've selected the template, it's easy to add in more text and personalize the message for that particular client. With a placeholder to insert the client’s name and a succinct, friendly email, your template is good to go!

Email Template in ArtCloud Manager Pro+

Pro Tip: If you’re having to adjust the email in several ways every time you send it, you may want to revise and simplify the template.

Be sure to clearly label all your templates so that they are easy to find and insert into your email interactions.

Now when you receive 12 inquiries in a row, you’ll be able to insert your template before sending the tearsheet, add in their name, and tackle them all in a breeze!

When to Use Email Templates

You can carefully craft templates for all sorts of emails you send regularly at your gallery:

  • Price requests
  • New artwork announcements
  • Invoices that need to be paid
  • Follow-ups for clients who stopped by the gallery
  • Shipping updates

It may be helpful to go through your emails after a busy week and assess what types of responses you send the most. This will determine which templates you would most commonly use, and you can create those first for an instant increase in efficiency!

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