How-To for Galleries: Making Dynamic Instagram Stories

Highlight your artists work in your Instagram Story

Is your gallery making Instagram Stories yet? They may seem complicated, but they're really not. Check out this short How-To guide to get started!

Why Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories engage your followers and are a great way to grow awareness of your business. They can even drive sales and increase foot traffic at upcoming shows!

We love Instagram Stories because they provide an easy, interesting way to share images and text at the same time. They're also prominently featured at the top of people's Instagram apps, so they tend to get more views than your average Instagram post.

Plus, they're fun to create and watch! Check out this sample Instagram Story for an upcoming exhibition, and you can get an idea of how Instagram Stories can make a much more compelling experience!

Step 1: Start a new Instagram Story

To get started with your Instagram Story, open up your app and select the plus button in the top left corner (right by your logo).

Start creating an Instagram Story

Step 2: Choose an image and start adding text

From there, select the image you’d like to feature and tap the screen to pull up your keyboard.

To choose your font and font color, tap the button at the top. Once you’re done typing, just tap the text and hold to move your new caption around to the perfect spot.

Change the text on your Instagram Story

Here’s where it starts to get fun!

Click the save button at the top of the Story before posting. This will allow you to add more text to the image, but your followers will be able to click through your Stories to make the text appear, so it’ll be a more interactive and fun experience.

Step 3: Add more text and give it some contrast

After posting, open the Story you just saved and start to add more text!

Pro Tip: Any time you’d like to add more text, just tap a different spot on the image.

When you have multiple text blocks, we recommend adding some contrast so that the text stands out to your followers and is easier to read.

Click the letter icon in the top left corner to give your text a colored background. You can either select a color from the color wheel at the bottom of the screen, or use the eyedropper tool to select a color directly from the image.

Move the text on your Instagram Story

 Once you’re done, don’t forget to save again before sharing to your Story - these will save directly to your photo album. Open the image you just saved and start again!

Step 4: Tag your artists!

Tagging other accounts - like your artists or clients - is always a good idea and a fun way to increase engagement.

Here, we went ahead and added the “featured artists.” Start with @ and then search for their Instagram accounts.Tag another account in your Instgram StoryWhen you mention each artist, consider highlighting their work in the image.

You can draw an arrow with your finger or use this fun tip!

Select the pen icon and then the semi-translucent marker tip from the menu at the top. Choose your color, tap and hold. The color will then fill the entire image. Now you can click the eraser tool at the top to reveal only the art you want to highlight!Highlight your artists work in your Instagram StoryYou can go ahead and post this since you have the base Story saved. Open the last saved Story again and add any other artists by repeating the same steps!

Step 5: Add a GIF sticker

Another way to add some dimension is with a GIF sticker.

Simply click the sticker icon at the top, select GIF from the menu and then you can search from a massive library of moving stickers. Tap the one you want and you can move it around wherever you like.Add a GIF sticker to your Instagram StoryPro Tip: If you're adding GIFs to your Stories, be sure to add them when you’re ready to post. If you save your story with a GIF sticker, it will lose its movement!

Either way, you’ll now have a beautiful story that allows followers to click through and read in a digestible, dynamic way!

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