How-To for Galleries: Instagram Highlights

Gallery Instagram profile featuring Highlights

You've got a professional looking Instagram profile, you're posting regularly and keeping things interesting by adding variety to your posts. But social media is always evolving, and to really make the most of Instagram, you need to make sure you've got Highlights on your profile!

Instagram Stories vs Highlights: What's the difference?

Instagram Stories is a feature that lets you post a series of videos and images that disappear after 24 hours.

While people generally put a lot of effort into their posts and try to keep their Instagram page looking a certain way, Stories are designed to be much less formal. You don’t have to stress about having picture-perfect posts in Stories, so look at them as an opportunity to have fun sharing more about your gallery and the artists you represent.New call-to-action

Instagram Story Highlights is a feature that lets you showcase certain stories on your profile and keep them there as long as you like. You can take any Story and “Highlight” it so that it stays at the top of your profile until you’re ready to remove it.

If you’re not sure what types of Stories you should create and make into Highlights or what subjects to feature, we’ve got a few recommendations!

1. Current exhibition views

Having a Highlight dedicated to your current exhibition should be your number one priority when adding Highlights to your profile.

Don’t make followers work to find your current exhibition or the artists it includes. Instead, have a Highlight featuring exhibition shots and gallery tours of the current show right at the top of your profile!

Example Highlight of a current exhibition.

2. Upcoming exhibition sneak peeks

Boost interest and get people excited about your upcoming shows by sharing sneak peeks of what’s to come in your Highlights!

Add some photos of the works in progress or the artists’ studios, or even video of your team getting the gallery ready for the event. It will let your followers have something to look forward to and gives you the opportunity to generate pre-sales!

Example Highlight of an upcoming exhibition.

3. New arrivals

There are often many new pieces of artwork coming into the gallery at once. While you can’t share it all on your feed without overwhelming your followers, you can share them in your Highlights!

Include images of artists dropping off work or short videos of all of the new paintings. It’s the perfect way to let your followers know that you’re keeping the gallery inventory fresh without posting too much to your feed all at once.

You can also announce several new arrivals in one story by using a Canva Story template!

Example Highlight about new arrivals.

4. Studio visits or artist features

You’ll definitely want to post about your artists in your feed, but Highlights are the place to give studio tours or share more information about your artists than you could in a single post.

Excerpts from their bio or reviews, images or videos of their process, a quick chat, or a look at their sources of inspiration are all interesting new ways to introduce your artists to your Instagram audience!

Example Highlight of an artist feature.

5. Behind the scenes, inside the gallery

Followers on Instagram want to connect with the people behind your gallery and be able to put a face to a name!

Highlights are the perfect place to show behind-the-scenes moments in your gallery and introduce the people who are a part of it.

Here you can share images of a staff member delivering a painting or talking with an artist or give a glimpse into your installation process. This transparency will help develop relationships between the clients and your staff before they even meet!

Example Highlight inside the gallery.

These are just a few suggestions to help, but keep in mind that Highlights should help define what’s important in your gallery. Therefore, focusing on the art, artists, and your team is a safe bet, but there’s always room to get creative!

Instagram is just one component of a successful digital marketing strategy for your gallery — set up a quick call with us to learn how ArtCloud helps galleries centralize their marketing tools and see more success from their marketing efforts.

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