Holiday Gift Guide: Help Clients Find Small Works for Everyone On Their List

Make Your Mark IX by Trudi Norris-1

With the holidays right around the corner, many of your clients are looking for unique, thoughtful gifts for their friends and family. And what's more unique or thoughtful than an original piece of artwork?

Many galleries use the holidays as an opportunity to market and sell small works that are ideal gift choices! Small works are also a great way for clients to introduce their friends and family to your gallery's artists.

In the coming weeks, highlight small works in your email newsletter and on Instagram to help your clients find the perfect piece of artwork for everyone on their holiday shopping list!

Consider grouping small works by personality types, so clients can more easily search for works and find that special gift!

All artwork below is from ArtCloud's gallery partners and listed on the ArtCloud Marketplace.

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The Color Lover

The perfect gift to add a little color to someone’s life! Even just a small pop of color can be a game changer in a space.

Featured artwork: Make Your Mark IX by Trudi Norris

Make Your Mark IX by Trudi Norris

The Seasoned Traveler

Artwork for the person who enjoys traveling to new places, whether it be a 3 hour drive away or a hop across the pond. Remind them of past journeys or inspire their next trip with artwork featuring landscapes and seascapes from around the globe.

Featured artwork: Dauphin Street IV by Missy Patrick

Dauphin Street IV by Missy Patrick

Fun & Funky

The perfect gift for those that march to the beat of their own drum. An eclectic style, an appreciation for risk-taking, a penchant for all things fun and funky. These artists, who take an unconventional, often playful approach to subject matter, will be sure to bring some holiday cheer to whomever receives it!

Featured artwork: Rosie by Miles Purvis

Rosie by Miles Purvis

The Minimalist

Art with clean lines and a simple approach for the minimalist. These artists know how to practice the perfect amount of restraint to streamline their ideas into sophisticated, quietly beautiful paintings.

Featured artwork: Laying Female III by Lindsey Weicht Gommel

Laying Female III by Lindsey Weicht Gommel

Keepin’ It Classic

Some representational art for those who love a more classical approach! Artists with a talent for not only capturing a scene with stunning accuracy, but with care and emotion, are great options. Everyone will admire the skill and tradition behind these types of gorgeous pieces.

Featured artwork: Trifecta by Anthony Waichulis

Trifecta by Anthony Waichulis

The Design Aficionado

Art comes in many forms, even those you least expect. It can be a table, a bowl, or a piece of jewelry. Being able to wear a piece of art or utilize in your everyday life is a constant joy! The Design Aficionado appreciates artwork that has both form and function.

Featured artwork: Figured Chinese Chestnut Hollow by Jason Van Duyn

Figured Chinese Chestnut Hollow by Jason Van Duyn

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