Grow Gallery Sales with To-Do's

To-Dos in ArtCloud

Looking to grow your gallery's sales? It's as simple as a To-Do list, and at ArtCloud, we've seen that the galleries that consistently set and complete To-Do's are also the ones growing revenue.

To-Do lists typically conjure thoughts of long lists of tiring errands, but when utilized in your gallery, they serve as a fantastic tool to focus your staff and grow your business.

So take your To-Do's beyond that messy stack of sticky notes on your desk and read on for a few ways you can use them to grow your gallery sales.

Never Forget to Follow Up with a Client

Galleries often balance a large volume of clients with a small staff, and that means follow-ups can be forgotten.

Relying on your memory or scattered notes to manage 20 clients and their varying needs is bound to lead to some clients being unintentionally neglected... and potentially some lost sales.

However, if you build the habit of setting To-Do's to reach out to each lead, you’ll never forget to follow up. Simply add a follow up To-Do every time you add a lead in ArtCloud Manager. You can even assign To-Do's to different staff members.To-Dos in ArtCloud

Set the follow ups for specific dates so you don’t miss your sales window. No more remembering a client you forgot to follow up with three weeks too late!

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Move Clients Through Your Sales Funnel

When a client first comes into your gallery, they may just be starting their search and casually perusing to see what options exist. They may not be a lead yet or have a specific piece they’re interested in, but you can still add these people into your CRM and set To-Do's!

While these clients may not be high on your list of priorities or ready to buy right now, setting To-Do's so that you can reach out down the line is how you turn them into purchasing clients in the future.

Set a To-Do a few weeks later to see how their search is going, ask how your gallery can be of assistance, and you may find yourself with new leads.

You can also move leads further into the sales process by creating To-Do's to offer delivering paintings on approval or virtual installations. All of these To-Do's and follow ups will keep your clients moving through your sales process all the way to the finish line.

Break Down Gallery Goals into Manageable Tasks

Your gallery probably has sales goals for the month and for the year, but deciding how to move toward these goals on a daily basis can be a challenge.

Breaking down these goals into more manageable tasks and To-Do's can help you achieve your daily goals so that you can crush the larger ones.

Check out your Opportunities tab to see the lead values of your potential sales. Setting To-Do's for these leads and crossing them off the list as they come will help you push towards converting those lead values into actual sales and consequently, move you towards your long-term goals.

Maximize Productivity

To-Do's make it easier to multitask, which is a necessity for any gallery. On top of managing your clients’ needs and follow-ups, they can help you prioritize your gallery’s efforts.

Instead of spinning or reinventing wheels, To-Do's coupled with Opportunities can help pinpoint which achievable tasks will actually lead to sales. Creating To-Dos and then seeing which tasks are contributing to sales will allow you to determine and focus on the tasks that will actually yield a return on investment. After creating a system for following up and carrying it out by utilizing to-dos, you’ll be able to assess and eliminate the tasks that aren’t advancing sales.

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