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Nika works closely with ArtCloud's gallery partners to make sure they have the tools and resources necessary to run successful, efficient art businesses. In particular, she's passionate about helping galleries thrive in the digital age so they can engage a new generation of art collectors.

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Data Migration: It Doesn't Have to be a Nightmare

When it comes to moving your gallery to a new management system, most business owners have the same major concern: data migration. But there's good news! With the right company, data migration doesn't have to be a nightmare! In fact, it can be quite the opposite.

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New at ArtCloud: Manage and Report on Multiple Tax Rates

In honor of tax season, we have released some great new updates that are sure to make your accountant happy! When it comes time to pay the tax man at the end of each month, you'll know exactly how much you owe, broken down by tax rate. So put away your calculators and ditch the spreadsheets, ArtCloud Manager is about to make paying taxes a breeze!

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Buying Signals and Lead Status: Tools to Prioritize Art Gallery Sales

When it comes to selling art, it can be tricky to get a handle on your gallery's sales opportunities and know how to prioritize your efforts.

How much revenue could your gallery potentially bring in this month? Which clients are most likely to purchase? Who do we need to follow up with today?

If you're struggling to better understand your gallery's sales opportunities, you're not the only one. In galleries we work with, over 70% have cited managing their sales pipeline as a top priority for their business.

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The Role of Education in Online Art Sales

Education and art sales go hand-in-hand. Why? Education is a powerful way for your gallery to grow its client base, earn trust and increase sales.

Education is also an opportunity for your gallery to engage people who may never have thought of themselves as art collectors. In doing so, you'll expand your pool of potential buyers and bring beautiful art to more people.

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Should Your Gallery Hire a Web Developer?

For some galleries, hiring a web developer is the right move; for others, it's not.

Before making a decision for your gallery's website, weigh the pros and cons of working with an outside developer, and consider other available options.

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Create a Sense of Urgency to Speed Up Your Art Sales

With many collectors, the sales process isn't always fast. Oftentimes art consultants must follow up repeatedly with a client before closing a deal. But the more drawn out the process, the more likely it is that the sale will fall through.

To prevent this loss of momentum, speed up your art sales by creating a sense of urgency in clients' minds. A sense of urgency prompts them to take action and complete the sale.

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Generate Art Sales and Grow Clientele with Virtual Installations

When it comes to selling art, seeing is believing. Tearsheets, home shows, and on-approval sales: the art world's traditional ways of helping clients imagine what a piece might look like on their wall.

But to survive in the digital era, galleries need to add new tools to their marketing toolkits. Virtual installations are an effective, inexpensive and easy way to reach and grow your younger, tech-savvy clientele. And they'll impress your not-so-tech-savvy clients, too!

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Art Consultants: Personalize Your Email Subject Lines

As an art consultant, you probably write a lot of emails - after all, they're a critical component of your sales process. But are clients reading your carefully crafted messages? If you're not thinking about your email subject lines, your clients may never open the email to see what's inside.

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The 3 Most Common Rote Tasks Galleries Don't Need to Do

In our work with galleries across the country and the world, we consistently see experienced and talented directors and art consultants unnecessarily spending their time and energy on rote, low-value tasks.

Many of these tasks can be automated, streamlined or outsourced, so that your team can focus their efforts on high-value tasks that impact the bottom line, like working directly with clients and making sales.

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Search Engine Optimization Guide for Galleries

Your gallery’s website is one of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal. Of course, every gallery wants a beautiful site, but in 2018, a sleek template will only get you so far.

To maximize your website’s success, you’ll want to think about search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that people actually visit your site.

After all, it’s no good having a beautiful website if nobody can find or use it.

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Improve Newsletter Open Rates with Better Subject Lines

You can think of a subject line as the first impression of your email. When people are scanning their inboxes, they're deciding whether or not to open an email based on the sender and the subject line.

Although writing a subject line seems easy, it's actually both an art and a science. Try these strategies to improve your subject lines and your email open rates, and remember that it's an ongoing process of experimentation.

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Website Homepages: Common Mistakes Galleries Make

When galleries think about their homepages, they usually think about making a great first impression. Even so, many gallery websites include one or more of these common mistakes.

The end result? A poor experience for their website visitors, higher bounce rates, and lower conversion rates.

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3 Ways Galleries Can Help Grow Their Artists’ Careers

Investing in your artists’ careers is good for them and good for your gallery.

By empowering your artists to market themselves, grow their networks, and take ownership over their own art business, galleries can drive loyalty and set the stage for long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with their artists. Many galleries even promote such services when recruiting new artists as a way to attract top talent.

Here are just a few ways galleries are growing their artists’ careers.

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Consignment Best Practices: How to Work Effectively With Your Artists

When it comes to consignments, follow these best practices.

Most galleries accept artwork from their artists on a consignment basis. It seems easy: the artist sends you their work and you give them an agreed-upon percentage or amount of the sales price.

But there are lots of details and things to consider to protect both your business and your relationship with your artists. Consider these best practices when accepting artwork from your artists.

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