Art Consultants: Personalize Your Email Subject Lines

Nika on June 28, 2018

As an art consultant, you probably write a lot of emails - after all, they're a critical component of your sales process. But are clients reading your carefully crafted messages? If you're not thinking about your email subject lines, your clients may never open the email to see what's inside.

You can think of a subject line as the first impression of your email. When people are scanning their inboxes, subject lines help them decide which emails to open and which to skip.

The best art consultants use personalized subject lines to catch their clients' attention and increase their email open rates. Here are 3 ways to start making your email subject lines a little more personal and a lot more effective:

Mention their name

What word is most likely to catch everyone's attention? Their own name.

A great way to make your subject lines more effective is to include the person's name. It shows you paid attention, took the time to remember their name and made the effort to personalize your communication with them.

This strategy is particularly useful for new clients or prospects, when you're beginning to build a relationship with someone who walked into the gallery or stopped by your last show.

subject line in artcloud message

Tip: The key to putting people's names in subject lines is to do it strategically and not too frequently, otherwise it will lose its impact.


Include your gallery name

Art consultants often include in the subject line the name of the artist or pieces a client expressed interest in. You might also want to consider including your gallery name to jog the person's memory, especially if it's a prospect who has never purchased from your gallery or someone you know buys from many different galleries. Doing so helps keep your gallery top of mind.

gallery name in subject line of artcloud message

Tip: Use a pipe to separate the gallery name from the rest of the subject line for a clean and sophisticated look: |


Add contextual information about the reason for the purchase

When it comes to selling anything, it's all about the client and their needs. If a client told you they are looking for artwork to give as a gift or a centerpiece for the living room in their new house, try incorporating that information into the subject line.

Once again, it shows you listened and paid attention, and took the time to personalize the message for that person. And it will definitely stand out in their inbox!

contextual information in subject line of artcloud message

Tip: Be sure to keep it concise -- when adding contextual information it's easy to end up with a long subject line, and part of it may get cut off.

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